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Macquarie Commercial & Business Sales Pty. Ltd.

Should you be contemplating selling your business or commercial property now or in the future we would welcome the opportunity to give you an obligation free appraisal of your business.
Macquarie Commercial & Business Sales Pty. Ltd., All enquiries and information received will be handled in the strictest confidence and discretion is assured at all times.

& others, as assigned


Macquarie Commercial & Business Sales Pty Ltd.
& Timothy Nelson Abberton.

The Agency & The Agent herein The Agent & Hp Media Pty Ltd.

Tim Abberton, is, or has been, or may be in the future,  a shareholder, director, in both a sole,  & joint capacity of the following entities commonly known as Macquarie Commercial & Business Sales,  Hp Media, Australia Business & Commercial Sales, Macquarie Migration, Internet Directory Services, Timco, Macbiz, Macquarie Commercial Leasing & Finance, T Abberton & Associates, Harley Publishing.

Tim Abberton, is, or has been, or may be in the future have an interest in various publications, numerous web sites - & not to be limited by those listed on the contact us web page,  investments, real estate, loans, & other interests.                    

As at the date, when The Client endorses, the Lawful Listing Authority with The Agent, The Agent discloses, that should the The Client enter into an agreement with HP Media Pty Ltd, that The Agent has, or may then incur, a Liability to HP Media Pty Ltd, for Marketing, Advertising, Services, Software, Data & Data Matching, IT & Buyer/Seller "24/7" Interactivity -  & that Liability is and/or is possibly Guaranteed  by Tim Abberton, when & where is required, by virtue of any Fiduciary duty & obligation. Therefore, as a consequence debtor, creditor & loan relationships may or, will exist.

Further - The Client has the freedom of choice to determine their own marketing programme, at any time & in addition The Client may direct The Agent to enter into a sale conjunction arrangement with other agents of The Client's choice. The Agent's,  Business Manager, reserves the right to undertake due diligence, on what is being listed by The Client to the market place.

Tim Abberton, assigns entities & companies, accept & understand that there is a Fiduciary Duty to all. The author is aware that Disclosure may have many forms as in other matters, there is for example Soft Dollar Disclosure & so on, and any written enquiries as to any matters is sought after & appreciated.

Please contact the writer, for any further & better particulars subject to confidentiality.

Brokerage Proposals, available on request.

Bruce Chambers,
Business Manager,
Macquarie Commercial & Business Sales Pty Ltd, 
Timothy Nelson Abberton,  HP Media Pty Ltd & other entities. 
Issues, Concerns & General Resolution - Processes  - to follow.

Please email the particulars of any matters - setting out times, dates, communications, witnesses - together with any facts of the matter - in relation to any issues that you may wish to have addressed, by the Licensee . Those emails should be addressed to your two brokers - ie., the listing broker & the conjuncting broker & marked "Issues" & we will endeavour to respond, that day and/or overnight.

N.b., Macquarie Commercial & Business Sales Pty Ltd., (& it's assigns ) - does not warrant that it is Independent of any other entity. ( 200116)

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